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Randy LeDuc

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Hand Painted Signs

Now a rare skill, at Custom Quik Signs we are still able to produce hand painted signs on walls, windows and various substrates. This has been called a “dying art”, but Randy has been using a lettering brush since the mid 70’s and still has the skills for this art form. If you need this skill set for a project, we can help you. In some instances, you may want the effect of having an actual hand painted product for your application, especially if you are trying to capture a look from the past or the warm rich look of artistic brush work in the form of lettering, logos and pictorials.

We can reproduce murals, paint wall signs on brick, cinder block, glass, banners, billboards, etc. Gold leaf is not out of the question. One popular way to apply these skills is on temporary, day glow window graphics. This type of window graphic is a very eye catching and effective way to get your message out.

In some instances, you may want the effect of have an actual hand painted product for your application. It used to be that the skill of a brush letterer was the defining element for a good sign company, and in certain applications it still is. Rest assured that you will not be disappointed if you choose us.